The Value of C.I

Our corporate identity embodies the future value of providing clean, convenient, and reliable fresh foods to everyone every day, based on the philosophy of farmers rooted in the land and leading the most progressive and innovative future agriculture.

Farm8 Co., Ltd. is a leading future food culture brand representing infinite value with no end to development, formed by combining FARM and INFINITE (8).
It leads the food lifestyle with eight core values (fresh, safe, innovative, reliable, prompt, efficient, clean, eco-friendly), and its concise name encapsulates the company’s philosophy and future value.

C.I. Logo Type/Color

The logotype uses a Semi Serif type, which adds familiarity to customers without being too heavy or too light. It reflects our commitment to speak and work from the customer’s perspective, filling our efforts with customer-centric actions.

The color is Turkish Green (Farm8 Green), a fresh, innovative shade that embodies endless possibilities. This color represents our constant pursuit of novelty and our relentless effort from the customer’s perspective.

Key Visual

Farm8 is a premium smart farm vegetable brand that offers optimal taste and texture year-round, cultivated in a smart farm isolated from external contaminants and strictly managed from seeding to harvest by professional farm masters.