A vegetable with a sweet taste and soft, tender lettuce

Butterhead lettuces have soft, buttery-textured leaves that form very loose heads. They boast a mild, sweet and succulent flavor.  If you like to use just a few lettuce leaves at a time (say, for sandwiches), this type of lettuce can be a convenience and a bargain.


An appetizing vegetable with a bitter taste and crunchy texture

Its leaves are thick and less moist, enhancing its storability.
It offers a crunchy texture and a slightly bitter taste, which adds balance when used in cooking.
Cutting the base of the vegetable yields about a dozen leaves.


Crunchy leaves & Very good sweet taste

Frillice is a unique crisp lettuce type with shiny leaves and excellent sweet taste. It has serrated curly leaves and possesses very good tolerance to bolting and tip burn.

The original fresh taste of salad

Romaine lettuce is renowned for its crisp texture and subtly sweet flavor, romaine also happens to pack a serious health punch. And while it may be the backbone of the classic Caesar salad and numerous other familiar dishes, it’s more than just a simple salad green or sandwich topping.


The texture is soft, and various dishes are available

Also known as multileaf, Ezabel has curly outer leaves that look fresh and abundant.
It is used for hamburgers, mixed salads, wraps, and more, with a characteristic sweetness that intensifies as you chew.