Brand Story

A New Standard for Choosing Vegetables

“It used to be routine to inspect vegetables myself to see if they were fresh, had any spoiled leaves, or were organic before purchasing. No need to search anymore. Now, just choose the taste, aroma, and texture of the vegetables you like.”

Farm8 vegetables are grown in an indoor clean smart farm that is completely isolated from external contaminants, strictly managed by professional Farm Masters from seeding to harvest, offering a premium vegetable brand that allows you to confidently enjoy the optimal taste and texture year-round, tailored to your preferences.

Always in Season ™

“Regardless of the season or climate, we cultivate the highest quality vegetables 365 days a year. The taste and nutrition of seasonal vegetables nurtured by professional Farm Masters.”

Seasonal vegetables signify the peak time when a vegetable can grow best, in the most suitable region, season, and climate, where it can naturally offer the richest taste and nutrition. Farm8’s vegetables bring the taste and nutrition of seasonal vegetables available any season, crafted by Plantifarm’s 20 years of expertise, including the optimal mix of water, light, and nutrients managed by professional Farm Masters to ensure the best taste and freshness of each vegetable.


Farm8 actively addresses environmental pollution, fine dust, heatwaves, and heavy rains through smart farming, aiding in the most efficient crop production and minimizing negative impacts on the global ecosystem. Additionally, it stabilizes crop production to provide effective solutions against disasters caused by climate change.

We are nurturing the infinite possibilities of future agriculture through innovations and technological advancements in farming, aiming for healthy practices for us and to sustain a healthy planet for our future living.